<span class="hpt_headertitle">Environmental and Land Use</span>

Environmental & Land Use

Act 250, Zoning, Property Rights

Environmental and Land Use

Environmental & Land Use

Drawing from years of experience in state government and representing conservation groups, municipalities, and businesses seeking to develop responsibly, Tarrant, Gillies, Richardson & Shems brings unique depth and breadth of experience to our representation in a wide range of environmental and land use matters.

  • Act 250
    • Our attorneys have extensive experience in determining whether a proposed project requires an Act 250 permit, representing parties applying for Act 250 permits, and representing neighbors and conservation groups concerned about whether proposed developments conform to Act 250 requirements. Whether your case is before a District Commissions or on appeal to the Environmental Division, our attorneys will bring additional insight into the process drawn from clerkships in the Environmental Division and from working for the Natural Resources Board, the agency that administers Act 250.
  • Zoning
    • Our attorneys have extensive experience representing parties on all aspects of zoning. For our municipal clients, we give advice on the drafting and implementation of zoning regulations.  We represent proponents, opponents, and municipalities on permit applications.  We represent all parties in zoning enforcement matters.  Apart from our extensive experience representing clients in zoning matters, our attorneys have additional insight from having served for many years on municipal zoning boards, and from having clerked at the Environmental Division.
  • Water Law
    • Our attorneys have experience working for the State, clerking with the Environmental Division, and representing clients on matters related to water law, including stormwater and discharge permitting, Section 401 water quality certifications, and other state and federal permits.
  • Environmental Law
    • We have diverse experience representing nonprofits, land trusts, and conservations groups, as well as additional experience from working for the Vermont Natural Resources Board and the Vermont Attorney General’s Office.
  • Easements and private property rights
    • From shared private driveways to restrictive covenants to timber trespasses, our attorneys understand the nuances of property law in Vermont.

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